Spring Break Trip - Jackson Hole, Wyoming

The crown jewel of our club, the annual Hoofer SnS Spring Break trip, is back for the 53rd time! There is nothing better than the tradition that Hoofers has created with the Jackson community. If you like deep snow, backcountry, sick vertical, and a classic ski town experience, Jackson is the trip for you. Furthermore, who wants to go lie on the beach for Spring Break when you could be riding the pow and shredding the gnar at one of the most bodacious mountain resorts in the entire world. Home of Teton Gravity Research and some rockin’ cowboys, Jackson Hole is 10,000 feet closer to the sun, gets 400+ inches of snow per year, and will knock your socks off! Jackson Hole has 2500 acres in bounds plus an additional easily accessible 3000 acres out of bounds and 4139 continuous vertical feet from top to bottom. Now... you might say, "Gee, isn't going out of bounds against the rules?" Not at Jackson Hole! They have gates that you are allowed to use to access the out-of-bounds area, but remember your avalanche gear. More info can be found at Jackson Hole's website.

If you're still not sold, ask any past participant from the trip how awesome it is, and we guarantee you the conversation will be followed with a 20‑minute story about a powder day followed by a social in Jackson.


  • Bus Package: March 24th - April 1st (arrive in Jackson Hole on March 25th and leave on March 31st)
  • Land Package: March 25th - March 31st


Price options include a land package (if you provide your own transportation) or a bus package (if you ride the bus with the club).

  • Bus Package: $680
  • Land Package: $480

What’s included:

  • Luxury coach bus ride to and from Madison to Jackson Hole (if you choose the bus package option)
  • 6 nights lodging at the amazing Antler Inn located in downtown Jackson (all rooms booked to double occupancy -- you will share a bed)
  • 4 lift tickets at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort (see below for 5th-day options)
  • Stellar BBQ elk dinner provided by the Antler Inn Hotel
  • Wisconsin-style Brat Fry!
  • Socials galore!
  • A chance to be this year's King/Queen of the Mountain

Optional Purchases

If you'd like to ski all 5 days, you have the option of purchasing an extra lift ticket to ski at Grand Targhee! This extra ticket will cost $65 and will include round-trip travel to and from the resort. If you're not sure if you'd like to ski all 5 days yet, don't worry! You can purchase the extra ticket while you're in Jackson Hole for the same price!

You also have the option of purchasing a trip t-shirt! More information regarding t-shirt price and design will be released later.

How Do I Sign Up?

Signup for 2018 will open on Monday, February 5th, at 12:30 PM. You can sign up online at https://members.hoofers.org/ or in-person at the Outdoor Programs Office in Memorial Union.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can people who aren't UW students go? YES! In fact, they are encouraged to come. As long as you are a Union member (UW students are automatically Union members) and a Hoofers Ski and Snowboard member, you can go.

What if I don't know how to ski? Jackson Hole is accessible to everyone, and lessons will be available at a discounted rate! That being said, the better you are, the more you can enjoy the mountain.

What if I don't know anyone going? Hoofers trips are a GREAT way to meet new people. If needed, talk to us and we can work out a rooming situation for you.

Is there an opportunity to go into the backcountry with some sort of guide? Unfortunately, Hoofer SnS is not currently able to organize a backcountry guide for the club. Sorry!